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Applying to KAUST

Now accepting Ph.D. and M.S./Ph.D. applications for Spring 2016.

KAUST & NESMA to open Thuwal embroidery center

This initiative is part of KAUST and NESMA’s commitment to social responsibility and to raising the standard of living in the region. READ MORE

Genetic Bee-havior

A few gene-controlling transcription factors could explain the variety of behavior seen in bees. READ MORE

Greener Cleaner Water

The ability to remove trace organic compounds makes microbial fuel cells a viable and sustainable water solution. READ MORE

FalconViz: Aerial 3D Mapping and Smart Drones

FalconViz is valuable tool from disaster relief to urban planning, documenting and preserving cultural heritage sites. WATCH VIDEO

Agricultural Sensors

KAUST researchers study the large and small of plant health using novel sensing technologies. READ MORE

Shaheen XC40 ranks seventh in world’s top ten supercomputers

The TOP500 rankings were announced on July 13 at the International Supercomputing Conference in Germany . READ MORE

Teaching computers how to see the world

Through a tripartite agreement begun in 2014, the team works on developing laser-based solid-state lighting (SSL). READ MORE

Innovation & Economic Development at KAUST

Creating an innovation ecosystem in the region and transforming the Kingdom to a knowledge-based economy. WATCH VIDEO

How supercomputing helps to fulfill KAUST’s mission

Professors J. Fréchet and D. Keyes describe their vision for the new Shaheen-Cray XC40. WATCH VIDEO